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Our Preschool program offers classes designed to encourage gross motor development, fine motor development and social skills:


Parent & Tot (ages walking to 2 1/2) - Parents interact with their child helping them develop listening skills, learn to socially interact with other children and learn gymnastics skills with the help of a Ready Set Go Instructor there to facilitate the class.


Preschool Classes (ages 2 – 5) - Students must be at least 2 ½ years old in order to advance on to the preschool classes. Our preschool program is much more than just gymnastics.  Working with themes our students learn about the world around them.


We want to challenge your child and give them the opportunity for success. Working to find just the right balance to make learning fun!    

Ready Set Go classes, begin August 19th, 2019 through July 31st, 2020. We do not make you sign a contract. You simply notify us in writing by the 15th of the month, prior to the month you wish to drop.


We offer an extended program in the summer month for students who wish to take classes in the morning. Registration begins April 15th.

Recreational program

Our Recreational Classes are for children 5 to 17.  We offer recreational classes in trampoline, tumbling, cheerleading and boys sport readiness.  All classes are 55 minutes.


Recreational Trampoline and Tumbling - Our classes teach children the basics of trampoline and tumbling, including front and back flips on trampoline, back handsprings on the floor and much, much more.


Boys Sport Readiness (ages 5 – 17) - The Sports Readiness classes are designed to help young boys develop agility, balance, strength and coordination plus the body and spatial awareness to help students excel in any sport.


Cheerleading Program - We offer a positive, age appropriate environment for learning cheerleading related skills.  Our goal is to encourage not discourage.  We help your child reach those realistic goals by helping them achieve success with careful planning and hard work.


Cheer and tumbling classes

- Cheer / tumble: Basic running, tumbling standing, tumbling, and cheerleading

- Cheer / tumble prep for school tryouts

- Tumbling: basics of beginner tumbling, Round-offs, back-handsprings and back flips

- Advanced tumbling

- Competitive cheer



Find the class that is the perfect fit for your child click here!



Ready Set Go offers a variety of class programs that make learning gymnastics, cheerleading and all around sports, challenging and fun.


Class tuition is $65 a month for the first child, each additional child will be $60 a month.

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Tumblebug Preschool Program

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